Meet the band

Part & Parcel embodies a musical mixture of many styles and backgrounds, conceived locally amidst Denver’s booming music scene. Formed in the summer of 2016, these longtime friends decided to take their shared love of string music and cultivate it into a progressive, energy-fueled passion project. Part & Parcel’s dynamic sound blends elements of funk, punk, folk, rock and bluegrass. The band’s strong focus on blending songwriting and improvisation inspires a devoted and ever-growing fan base.

Although Part & Parcel possesses your classic bluegrass instrumentation, the band is impressively genre-fluid. Their defining feature is the fact that they draw such a diverse crowd. From funk and bluegrass to metal and punk, they play it all. Fans will find themselves tapping their toes to a fiddle tune one minute, then head banging to a righteous rock song the next. The dance floors at Part & Parcel shows are consistently packed, feet always stomping and booties shaking.

Its' still snowing in the mountains and "Happy Hour" tour rolls on. Join us Saturday for Part & Parcel: Shakin at the Basin Spring Concert Series !

Hello there. We’d like to announce a special event featuring our boys Jacob Moss and Matt Flaherty

On August 1st at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, they will be playing Nirvana’s “Unplugged in New York” featuring members of Mama Magnolia and Analog ...
THIS THURDAY, two of our motley crew will be performing outside on the Cervantes patio!
Matt Flaherty and Jacob Moss will open the evening for Thunder and Rain, Magnolia North, and late sets by our friends Liver Down the River. ...
High times at Sam's Burger Joint Music Hall last night with The Dirty River Boys.

Rolling on to Fort Worth tonight supporting for Peter More, then Dallas Sunday afternoon at Deep Ellum.
Thank you The Deli! Norman rocks! An extra special thanks to @The Contraband for playing music with us.

Catch us tonight! Part & Parcel at Leftwoods
This week in "Happy Hour" tour

WED- Norman, OK Part & Parcel at The Deli

THURS - Amarillo, TX Part & Parcel at Leftwoods

FRI - San Antonio, TX Sam's Burger Joint Music Hall w/Dirty River Boys

SAT - Fort ...
Playing a show TONIGHT Mother Muff's Kitchen and Spirits in Colorado Springs. If ya got folks in town, send em out. And in case we don’t see ya, good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight.
Utah! We are coming for you next!

Wednesday night at Gracies in Salt Lake City
Thursday in Logan
Friday night in Grand Junction

Send some folks out if ya love us!
Want to shout out to Moe's Original BBQ in Jackson Hole and David Fogg for a hell of a time in the great state of Wyoming! We will be back SOON.
NEW DATES ADDED! Check it out, adding dates in Texas, Oklahoma and our home state of Colorado!

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