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Part & Parcel embodies a musical mixture of many styles and backgrounds, conceived locally amidst Denver’s booming music scene. Formed in the summer of 2016, these longtime friends decided to take their shared love of string music and cultivate it into a progressive, energy-fueled passion project. Part & Parcel’s dynamic sound blends elements of funk, punk, folk, rock and bluegrass. The band’s strong focus on blending songwriting and improvisation inspires a devoted and ever-growing fan base.

Although Part & Parcel possesses your classic bluegrass instrumentation, the band is impressively genre-fluid. Their defining feature is the fact that they draw such a diverse crowd. From funk and bluegrass to metal and punk, they play it all. Fans will find themselves tapping their toes to a fiddle tune one minute, then head banging to a righteous rock song the next. The dance floors at Part & Parcel shows are consistently packed, feet always stomping and booties shaking.

Steamboat!! We make our triumphant return THIS Saturday at Old Town Pub! Last time we came through, it got weird. Come join us this weekend and be a part of the madness!

Edit: You know if Jack Cloonan got weirded ...
You guys kick ass! Enjoyed you tonight at the Blu Pig Moab Utah
We are absolutely overjoyed to get the opportunity to play music at Beanstalk Music Festival THIS THURSDAY evening. So many great bands, in the mountains, on a river, in your backyard. Join us

Tickets here:
Manitou Creative Got some cool pics of you guys!
It was an awesome time shooting pictures at the Wine Festival again this year in Manitou Springs, CO! This is always a very fun event!
So excited for your show in evergreen!!!! Jeff and I live in our bus 10 mins south of cactus Jack's, if you all wanna come hang and/or camp after the show we would love to have you!
Happy Friday y'all! I'll be playing my bass guitar with Part & Parcel tonight in Boulder at the Lazy Dog!

The show is FREE.

Music starts at 9.
2 sets of Part and Parcel starting around 1030!

Come on out!
Beanstalk Music Festival draws near! There is so much talent on this lineup that it just makes us want to puke on our own shoes. The gentlemen in the Magic Beans have informed us that tickets are likely to sell ...
It’s been a while since we’ve shared some live video, so we figured, hey, why not today? Here’s a full length video of “Down in the Valley” from Cervantes during our album release a while back.

Come see us this ...
ANNOUNCE! Summer tour! Check us out, help spread the word !

Join us Friday, June 7th at the Lazy Dog with bluegrass locals Timber opening the evening. Save the date and come see us!

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